Mission Statement

We aim to learn sustainable food consumption practices, engage in direct meaningful service, and be empowered to create grassroots food justice movements on their own campuses. Through creating art, cooking and eating delicious food, and networking with experts in the field of food justice and hunger, we hope to create a space for growth, community, and FUN.

Who we are

Hadas "Dasi" Fruchter is an Urban Studies and Media Studies major at the Macaulay Honors College. A junior at Queens College, she is the president of the Jewish Social Action Club and a member of STAND, the student anti-genocide coalition. She recently began a Challah for Hunger Chapter on campus, where students come together to bake Jewish ritual bread and raise awareness and funds for global disasters. Dasi, a Kenan Fellow, is particularly interested in food justice, faith-based activism, community empowerment, and poverty relief in urban areas. 

Lakshman Kalasapudi is a junior at CUNY. He is a South Asian Studies & Urban Planning double major. He has been involved in various movements in the past and looks forward to learning more about the food movements both in academia and activism. He is interested in the food movements because he recognizes them as the intersection of various issues: racism, hunger, poverty & class, immigration, environmental, and more.

David Weinberger is a junior political science major at Hunter College. During his time at Hunter, David has found that the bulk of his interest lies within the expansive field of sustainable urban development. As a Kenan Fellow, he is thrilled to have the chance to explore the New York City food movements and the role they are playing in the creation of equitable and low-impact food systems across the boroughs.

Lashika Yogendran is a Macaulay Honors College junior at CUNY Brooklyn College.  She is a Chemistry and Classics double major, with the hope of going to medical school and pursuing her dream of becoming an oncologist.  Her interests include caramel macchiatos, red velvet cupcakes, and Homer.  Lashika wanted to learn more about food justice, since it was something she was interested in, and collaborating on this event taught her a great deal about the food movement and hunger.  

Elizabeth Kelman is a Macaulay Honors College junior at The City College of New York. She is premed, with a major in Global Health and minor in Spanish. On campus, she is President of the City Agriculture Network, through which she runs a community garden on 141st Street, and co-coordinates the CCNY honors peer mentoring program. At Macaulay, she is involved with the Student Sustainability Task Force